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Friday, November 18, 2011


I meant to post this Wednesday, but din'na.  I just then learned about the controversial SOPA, or Stop Online Piracy Act.  What it intends to do is stop piracy, in the name of movies and music which suffers from it.

However, the finer print of this bill is lose enough that it could ruin the internet as we know it!  The bill implies that any website that has any kind of copyrighted material on it could be blacklisted and it's ip address blocked off.  This is a death hold on sites ranging from blogs to big sites like Tumblr, FaceBook, YouTube, and more! 

The idea that a site can be taken down if a company thinks you displaying an image of their property is ludicrous, as it flies in the face of the First Amendment and Fair Use.  And what about millions of videos on YouTube which use such material, in part and in whole?  All of that could be gone!  Blogs which aren't even pirating this material, merely using it for commentary and reference?  Gone!

10 Years of GameCube

Sorry for not posting anything...for long!  It's freaking hard to write-up these days, when there's so much work to do!

2011 seems to have alot of anniversaries in the name of pop culture, I found.  Some are celebrated by the property holders and the public, others are not.  Before I get to the meat of this post, let's recap:

25 Years of The Legend of Zelda, 15 years of animated flick I adored as a kid Space Jam, 10 years of animated film Shrek (which was huge and ignored this year), Xbox, Monster's Inc. from Pixar, the iPod, the 9/11 incident (sadly), Game Boy Advance; and 5 years since the launches of game platforms Playstation 3 and Wii.

Today, I wanted to talk about GameCube's 10'th anniversary, and the memories I hold of the platform and it's software.  And the reason I have to nerd out here is because I can't log into another blog where I could've talked about it.

GameCube was the first console I followed from beginning to the end of its life cycle.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This semester's been kicking my ass!

Finally!  I made the initiative, and took the night to ventilate how out-there this semester has been!

Let's talk about the work load.  I feel like I'm busier than ever before.  My four core classes are more hardcore than any I've taken before, and that's not including my online courses past.  Across the semester, I have to do five papers for world civ, map quizes, human biology lab quizes each week, and a book report for History of East Asia!  That's alot!  And it sucks.

What's interesting is that two out of the three mentioned are 101 level classes.  But they feel like they may as well be 300, like East Asia is.  The quizes themselves are harder too, no longer the simple multiple choice variety.  And writing five papers in a row (or so) has proven more difficult than I thought.  The book is really subtle, and in a show of ineptitude befitting a college slacker, puts me to sleep (or is that my fault?) 

History of East Asia notwithstanding, the professor of that class is not the best i've  ever had.  She comes from south China, so her English dialect is not the best.  I have a hard time following lectures, because I can't tell what she's saying.  This is also the semester of professors (some) who go on tangets before getting to the point, like the above professor.  And not in a way to engage us, either.

Is there some sort of conspiracy going on, where the department heads decided that these classes needed to give out more work, to step up their gasme?

And furthermore, why don't more lecutre classes engage the students in discussion?  My world civ professor does a good job at this, as does the lady behind Human Bio's lecture portion.  This is the preferred method, with its traces of Stoicism keeping you thinking and learning better.  Instead of listening and getting tripped up in your own notes.

And I have to get up each week day at 7.  At least I've done a really good job at doing so.

Post Note on the news

I don't blog enough these days, what with being busier than ever with school.  But I came in tonight to offer perspective on some big news that's happened.

Remember what happened this morning?  Those animals that what escaped from an Ohio preserve?  No, not that!  That happened yesterday.  But it's still out there on my radar.  We're talkiing about escaped lions and bears and so forth!  The law enforcement's handling of the situation is rather poor, killing the animals instead of tranquilizing them.  Last I heard, there were 20 down out of 43.  PETA will surely have a field day with getting justice for the fallen. 
In my view, there was no reason to kill them point blank.  Just because they're exotic doesn't mean it's certain they'll seek to kill civilians.  Too, it's only in a small region of eastern Ohio.  It's not like they're gonna get far, like across the border north.

The real news today was the pronouncement of Mummar Gadhafi's death.  I wasn't surprised by this, unlike back in May and the killing of Osama.  I had known since the invasion of rebels in Tripoli back in August that his time was running out.  So it was good closure to recieve the news today.  Good riddance to bad lizards.

As a post note, can you imagine if he had merely been captured, as was initially reported?  It'd be 2003 all over again, when Saddam was found in a spider hole.  And put on trial that lasted across three years...  And then a hanging in a cold, disgusting underground room.  At least Gadhafi won't be dragging out any more injustice in Lybia.  It's been a good year to wipe out evil doers!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I can't believe it!

Yea, I did skate out of blogging for the last week.  But hey, it was a busy one, and a sad one.

First, I'll just get this out there.  It's kinda disturbing.  I experienced a break-up heartbreak a few days ago.  From the very woman I fell in love with at Ottowa last year.  Balls.

I kinda saw the signs of trouble while I was there, however.  It went so well that first night, where I bought her dinner and we went to a screener.  But things slowly began to unravel at that night's party, where her school friends were.  I had a Midnight in Paris moment where I was being drowned out by the people way more important to her, and felt astray in the sea of partygoers way cooler than me.  Way for me to be esoteric! 

I was under the false impression that I'd be spending the whole weekend with her.  So, I made the classic mistake of being "clingy".  Wanting to attach myself to her heel, becuase I see couples doing this all the freaking time.  Why am I not entitled to it?

It's hard to keep a girl for me, isn't it?  This report lasted about a year.  That's pathetic, in continuation with my bad track record.

But, that's not all there is to college, is it?  Being social and having friends matters more.  When you are a confidant, others will believe in you.  It was so much easier when I first came to Edinboro, however.  You can't easily recreate that confidence when so many people are howling for your blood.

In other big news, I've been crammed with school work, yah.  Think about this: I have four tests or quizes in the next two weeks.  That's insane, and not in a funny way.  And I have to get on the ball about both a book report and a write-up for World Civ.  In fact, I have to do five of these write-ups across the semester.  As for storyboarding class, I was in an unfortunate position to cram in a reset work flow on Tuesday.

I have only one studio this semester, but I feel like I'm less busy, and yet more busy than ever.  Thanks, high level classes.  I have little free time now.  And most of it is used to sleep. 

Even work is busied up.  At least this weekend.  From Friday to Sunday, I have no less than four different shifts to cover.  Two of them, I'm subbing for friends, as a fqvor.  I'm too nice, but these extra hours will come in handy.

The current stream of tests will end on the 13'th, right before my birthday.  The last thing I want to do is get older.  So, I don't give a bloody f*ck about it.  I'll say what I've said every year since turning 20: I'd rather be dead than get older.  That's one hell of a paradox.

On that note, Happy October!

Friday, September 23, 2011

What I did for my summer vacation

In honor of the end of summer season, and today's start of the fall season, I'm projecting thoughts on my summer in long-overdue fashion.

Camp Carefree counsoling:

Camp Carefree horse camp:

The move:  After living in the same house for 16 years, a long-anticipated move to a new house finally began.  It's a nice house, too.  Sadly, it's the biggest house I've ever lived in: at three stories, including a basement.  I imagine the move went pretty good.  It gave me the chance to give up so much old crap, and start over in house care. 
Location wise, it's a few miles away from the old house, once again off of a busy road.  It also came with a kitchen we ended up remodeling anyway.  It took til the last week I was at home to get wi-fi.  Way to be on the ball.  This also brought forth the first time I've ever lived in a home with DVR and cool cable.  That's pretty sad.
My mother caused me great grief with badgering and busy work.  Lots of donations to the Salvation Army.  That wasn't bad in itself, but for many chores, this required lots of trips to various places in town.  Lots of miles, and lots of gas spent.  Being bossed around for these didn't help.  I just had to find ways to get away from it all.  That's what horse camp and Panera work were for.

lacklustre work hours:

And those are really the big guns.  Sadly, I didn't get to travel nowheres as last year's trip to Medford.  Money was low, and stressors were high.  My people skills improved marginally through interpersonal care for others.  This tells me that, next summer, I'll get a real job.

Here's something: Ottowa Animation Festival

Yep, I'm attending for the third year in a row.  It's been great so far.  Will post other things soon.