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Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the year 2007

What what, everybody?
Here are all the old blog posts from 2007.  And I mean all of them.  Maybe you'll read 'em and tell me what you think?  Feedback would put perspective on what can be said for the past.

Subject : Long overdue updates
Posted Date: : Jun 15, 2007 8:31 PM
This will be my first blog since December, I believe. I had no motivation to write one on a dial-up connection. But I have one now.
Alot has changed in five months. I'm fresh from my first term at Piedmont, not a big deal. I made leaps and bounds as a cartoonist there. I've been in UNCG summer courses from May 16 to June 19: Life Drawing and Fundamentals of Drawing. Therein, I've made leaps in drawing realism, something I used to hate doing.
I had a hard time finding new work after the thrills and spills of WDW in Orlando. I applied to grocers, theatres, and restarunts. It had me shopping around dressed for the nines, with multiple applications and resumes in tow. I am now in the employ of Panera Bread, a new Panera to boot. I do enjoy the flair of class it posesses.
I look at this summer movie lineup so far, and it's been a critical bust. I won't bother with Spider Man 3, went to Pirates 3 on it's first night, and cringed during Shrek the Third. The lousy reception it recieved will be a wake-up call to producers at Dreamworks. It also vindicated that PDI cared more about the science of their films than they did the story telling.
I most hope that Ratatouille and The Simpsons Movie will more than make up for the trio of threequels. Those three have proven that the third time is not always the charm.
More to come in due course. I can't keep writing like this for long.

Subject : Weekly Update
Posted Date: : Jun 23, 2007 10:13 AM
A fresh blog from myself, rare as it is.
The first week at Panera's been slow, I'm glad it's the week-end. I work on line duty. And I'm the only personality brave enough to cavort in the dining hall, cleaning after other persons unknown. Met some fanciful girls to boot, making Panera Bread a girls club. Not many guys are keen to work at a deli, see. One of them is a dish washer, and he resembles a vampire.
We've got a particular night manager; [they're] almost as nice as an earlier one I happened upon. And I've become deathly ill through dehydration and exhaustion. I may surely collapse, lest Panera actually give sheduelled breakage.
So, I can say that Walt Disney World Resort was far more fun and organized than my new position. OK, so I was working with garbage. But what went on around me was so entertainingly distracting. And so many smiling faces, too.
Don't get the wrong idea about me. I'm not doing dirty work like this forever. Anyone still in school is going to do this sort of thing, right? And my career choice is animation, and all is can do for that now is training and internships.
Finally, I look forward to the new talking picture from Pixar next week: Ratatoolie. Cheers!
Subject : Deli Madness
Posted Date: : Jul 20, 2007 1:24 AM
It's been a veritable month since my latest work location had it's grand opening. That's Panera Bread at New Garden in Greensboro, NC for you who haven't heard of it. The first week(for one instance) there was horrible. See, we have a certain nighttime manager: she's almost as nice as one I had at Walt Disny World Resort. And worst still, I never get breaks. On one hand, I don't wanna. On the other, not doing them is hazardous to my health.
At WDW, I never had to clock in and out for a rest period. But you have to at Panera. And WDW was far more generous with breakage. I could get an average of two 15 minuet breaks and a 45-min break-wow, that is generous! But Panera only gives you one: 30 square minuets long. Ouch! To cap it all, WDW had honest-to-god break rooms. At Panera, breaks put you at risk of sitting with the public. And they don't want us sitting near them.
As for the health care thing, not doing breaks is a sure way to dry up(read: dehydrate). Duringh the first week, this was a big deal, as it led to exhaustion and nearvous collapse.
The people among me: Panera is a veritable girl's club. The majority of peerage are females around my age. That I have no issue(I did have the gaul to call my URL "Woman Trainer", after all.) I've gotten to know a veritable group of appealing girls, that dehydration is no big deal now.
Being at the likes of Panera, however, is not nearly as fun as WDW. Lunch rushes are horrible, as is dinner and closing. So demanding is the closing that one of our number lost her temper at our head honcho. She proceeded to curse her out, clock out, and get the pink slip forever. The advantages about Panera are indoor location, I can wear my own clothes, and I earn much more finances.
School begins again on Aug 20, and I don't look forward to it. Getting future finances will get harder at that time. Oh well, looking forward to 'The Simpsons Movie", Deathly Hollows, and possibly "Haispray", all in July. Am currently watching(read: rediscovering) Animaniacs and Roots on DVD, and am playing alot less games. I miss you GHS nutters terribly, and beg you to come to summer campaigners soon. Wish you'd call me at least. And for god's sakes, write a comment for a change.
P.S. I did not mention anyone's name, that I may protect their identities. Do not take this negative blog slamming Panera Bread as a message that I want out from there: I don't.

Subject : Loss of Way
Posted Date: : Aug 21, 2007 8:59 PM
It's the school year again, and I couldn't be unhappier. Back at PCC, I now go in on not two, but four days o' lessons. And on top o' that, there's a horrible gaggle of rotting nerds lingering in the DEAT building. Persons that I liked are now gone from sight, as rare as a pheonix feather. This makes PCC alot less amusing. I really wanted to go to a prestige animation location, CalArts specifically. Not this place 40 miles away, and full o' hideous genetic mutations (nerds.)
It'll get worse before it gets better. I wish I was back at WDW. It's so much more fun at WDW. Better yet, I can go back by the new year for a visitation, with ye olde tyme friends, and careful planning.

Subject : Missing U Like Candy
Posted Date: : Sep 11, 2007 2:36 AM
Well sir, it's been a year since my incredible journey in Orlando and WDW Resort. And I really wish I were back there, with things just the way they were. I miss everyone, everywhere, and every minute. You can't take that away from me. I wanna see the Orlando posse I attached to. Later, I'll go into detail on why I so prefer to be back again.

Subject : A long ramble
Posted Date: : Nov 26, 2007 3:30 AM
A lot 'as changed in the last few months, so I'll present some to you, the listener, in a short-handed way.
Most of the original team at Panera is now gone. It feels like only three of them remain, including me. And it's no longer the girl's club it used to be. Drag. I have come to really hate psychology, and the method in which it steals all of my free time away. I am so useful to Panera, they make me come in twice on Fridays and every other Sunday. It IS the way to make excessive dough these days, more than I made at WDW in a week, no less.
I hate Piedmont as well, as it's full of sad nerds who lie about their dating lives, who feel it nesscesary to embarrass themselves, and fail to turn any work in. I don't fall into that camp, though. I'm the kind who laughs at this lameness, as it's totally lame. I've completed an awesome 2-D animation, hand-drawn, and on tracing paper no less. I wanna post it on this site soon, for you to see. Internet Web Design class is the most worthless class I've taken at Piedmont so far, because we never learn anything.
I was an attendee to a line at Curcuit City this past Black Friday, and waltzed out with four $7 2 Gig SD cards and 'South Park' Season 10 (at $20), like no one's business.
I'm 20 years old, and dread getting older. No beer or smokes for me, thank u. Coming to u live.

Subject : Let Us Have a Toast, on Christmas Eve.
Posted Date: : Dec 24, 2007 10:16 AM
It feels as though someone has died. In the last few days, my Panera manager from day one, Bobby, was fired for not making some "deposits." Dammit, a person who replaces him will not be the same. Robert had the power to make us laugh and to make us cry. Likewise, New Garden Panera is not quite the girls club we used to be. And not many first-geners are left, me included.
That's not the only jig going down. At this point, I really hate PCC. It's not the right place for an aspiring animator like me to learn the craft. Because making an internet website has nothing to do with animation! And then there are a clutch of overweight, whiny, lame nerds that need to be eradicated. Can you imaging a Salem Nerd Hunt, a'la the Salem Witch Hunt? Persecute 'em that way. Sorry, I just got political here.

In summary:   I didn't post a blog over 6 months?  What gave you the idea that I forgot?  The first half of 2007 presented me with a perfect oasis of slothful ease and relaxation.  I don't put it to words here, but at
Piedmont in the first semester, I only went to classes two days per week.  And I didn't have a job then.  Until the summer!  Panera Bread and PCC are focal points of this year's blogs.  It also marked the first time I was miserable about getting older.  So sue me on that point. 

The writing has gotten better, but it's still not matured.  Hence, the obnoxious, juvie language peppered throughout.

The first wave: Aug - Dec 2006

Remember, the initial verve of this blog is to re-post and, shall we say, preserve, my old, dusty blogs from ye dead MySpace.  They retain their original edits, including their titles and when they were published.  They preserve a vision of a writing style trying to find a voice.  And this voice is a fascimile of how other teens supposedly blog.  All in the name of connecting with an audience that never was there.  Enjoy!

Subject : What I did this weekend, any weekend.
Posted Date: : Aug 27, 2006 11:03 PM
Well, for the young people, GHS just started classes. Frankly, I feel sorry for the new freshmen. They will face 4 years of increased security at GHS. Hell, when I and others started in 2002, security was more lax, meaning you could go into more places around campus.
On the other flipside, my other friends my age hadd just started college on Monday. I feel sorry and lazy that I put off school for a while. But c'mon: I get to go to Orlando!!! And Yanceyville is too small a town for my tastes. I wish everyone the best, until I call again to pass on what I'm doing in Orlando.
This past Friday, I went to the first legit football game at GHS, and it was not a good omen. The only real agreeable woman there was Jet Leigh, so that was a plus. But I really just went to latch onto women like Dare and Lucy. I was saying trash like "I'd say she's worth at least a cool billion!"(Lucy) Since Dare left too early, the only one I could suck up to was Lucy. The men there got pissed off at seeing me there, saying I should get out of town. Ouch. I wish I could've gone with YL to Windy Gap. But I'm too old, so instead I went to:
'Snakes on a Plane'! I don't think other people my age from the UNC crowd have seen it, but it was a blast to watch. I have not seen a lot of horror films, so this one went beyond what I was used to. It seemed like a satire on the typical Hollywood suspense film, as it was camp and all. I got some hearty thrills and laughs from the talking picture, what with the grisly nature of the story. Go see it if you haven't: you'll have a blast.
Then, later the next day, I picked up the newest Simpsons season on DVD. Now for me, each new set is like a mini-event. Just as The Simpsons is so heralded. And the best part was, it only cost $20 beans! So I watch this, and see alot of new shows I never did before, or just not for a long time. Highlights include Rodney Dangerfield's performance in a show as Burnses' son, Albert Brooks, and alot of classic dialogue. Meh, I just finished the set, and wait for future sets. Don't the young people get the Simpsons DVDs?
I'm getting my first car from pops on the 9'th: a Silver Ford Focus. Yeah, I wanted a Yaris, but nobody knows of them.
Well, I hope to post more once I arrive in Orlando on 9/11. I implore you to post comments on what I mentioned. Particularly the ex-GHS people. Chao for now.

Subject : Rarrin' 2 go 2 Floida
Posted Date: : Sep 8, 2006 10:38 PM
The past few weeks have been a bang. Pokemon: Battle Frontier premiered tonight at 8:30, the first season of the venerable anime without 4Kids doing the dubbing. Taj, who did, had a mixed bag with their first episode proper. The voice cast, last heard in the Mastermind re-dub, seemed to be a bit awkward in this. My least favorite voice is Meowths, coming nowhere close to Maddie Blaustine's track record. I will stay tuned however; these guys will improve at their craft. But it won't be the same without our original voice cast. Hell, is it safe to discuss Pokemon with the typical myspace crowd?
In real life, I've been going aroud town to get ready for Orlando. And tomorrow I get my first car: a Ford Focus. Yeah, so it's a Focus and not a big shot car. I wanted a Yaris from Toyota, but no one sells them yet b/c they are so new. I pick the thing up in Raleigh. And I can thank my father for the car.
My parent has been to much of a bother for weeks now. She bitches at me just for being happy. She doesn't know me too well, because I do have more common sense than she gives me credit for. So being in Orlando for 4 months will be swell, everybody all neat and pretty.
Speaking of Myspace, I'm tired of getting group requests for burlesque and pornogrphic material. Not only is it wrong, but also full of offensive hidden costs. It's horrible and sad the way sites like Steamate objectify girls. Stop sending those requests, for the love of God!
To all of you ex-GHS kids, I'm not gonna be back for those 4 months. Being away from you will be grossly offensive. Has college destroyed your souls yet? I'm going to school when I come back, a bit richer and stronger.
Watch Pokemon: Battle Frontier. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Subject : Disney Update with ALEX IR
Posted Date: : Sep 19, 2006 9:04 PM
It's been a week since I got hooked up at Vista Way in Orlando, Fl. I've met lots of hot new kids my age, including roomates and apt. mates, co-workers, and boss men. I've also met someone special with whom I spend all of my evenings with. And with whom I have alot in common.
Speaking of work, it's getting more and more exhausting. I'm predestined to work many evening shifts, which destroy the soul. Disney World's Magic Kingdom is slow after closing time. So yeah, I'm working atthe rare, pricey magic kingdom. It was a blast early on, but I concern over my stress level. I will make sure that won't happen.
I want to say more, but an experience like this is emotional and spiritual. You really have to be there to have that feeling of awe and wonder. I'm licked, so I'm gone.

Subject : Almost time for that holiday rush!
Posted Date: : Dec 19, 2006 10:39 AM
I'm almost at the end of my Program tenure, returning on Jan. 3. To all that I haven't called, sorry. To all I haven't written to, sorry to you too.
I had my fling with Teresa for two months and it was a remarkable time. She left me 'cause she said I'm "clinging" Other than that, I need a new woman, and while it's better off than at Grimsley, I just give up.
The Walt Disney World Resort is a blast! I'm blessed to work at Main Street, USA at Magic Kingdom. It is the E-Ticket of the resort, and Magic Kingdom is the alpha omega. It gets busy now and then, particularly next week, but I keep it under control. I love what I do because I'm as entertained as the guests are. Alot of others working here don't so much, but I keep going the distance.
I've been known to be a real support to the team, known for an unstoppable smile and strong work ethic. Often, I'm doing work in an area all by myself, and well. Two, you at home would've loved to see what I have. I will sing along to whatever songs are around often because it's my only entertainment. And I'm like that anyway.
I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. That's my feeling in life, it seems. I really enjoyed the experiance, learning about the grown world and myself. True, some roomates of mine are obnoxious, but that's another blog. One day, you'll either call me, or I you to regale you with my stories of these 4 months. Reply to this, Grimsley guys. I miss all.

In conclusion, I ended up deamonizing some peers of that present while romanticizing those of the recent past.  Walt Disney World Resort was a major focus, so much so that I only posted 2 blogs while down there.  The rest is all small talk over trends and frivolities.  It reads so unprofessional nowadays, with little of structured or focused writing.  Thank god blogging has matured byond the 'OMG LOL Cat' generation!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to my blog? More like, Hellcome!

I'm refreshed and ready to blog again.  I'm now in the process of freeing myself from the death-knealt Myspace.  For that is where this following style of blogging began with me, five years ago.  The subject for today is installing my olden blog posts onto this new one. 

Why? Not merely to spam and hack it.  I wanted to preserve all those whack-a-doo stories should MySpace ever truely go away.  And everything I wrote on it with it.  I enjoy writing after all.  So this shouldn't be too difficult.

Here's the deal, first off.  I'll minimize the amount of excess postings by ganging old blogs together into one.  They will reappear in chronological order.  Then I will resume your regularly schedueled blogs.  They will appear raw and unedited (prehaps not, though). 

That took longer to write that than to just write a new blog.

I hope you enjoy it.  Commence!