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Friday, November 18, 2011


I meant to post this Wednesday, but din'na.  I just then learned about the controversial SOPA, or Stop Online Piracy Act.  What it intends to do is stop piracy, in the name of movies and music which suffers from it.

However, the finer print of this bill is lose enough that it could ruin the internet as we know it!  The bill implies that any website that has any kind of copyrighted material on it could be blacklisted and it's ip address blocked off.  This is a death hold on sites ranging from blogs to big sites like Tumblr, FaceBook, YouTube, and more! 

The idea that a site can be taken down if a company thinks you displaying an image of their property is ludicrous, as it flies in the face of the First Amendment and Fair Use.  And what about millions of videos on YouTube which use such material, in part and in whole?  All of that could be gone!  Blogs which aren't even pirating this material, merely using it for commentary and reference?  Gone!

10 Years of GameCube

Sorry for not posting anything...for long!  It's freaking hard to write-up these days, when there's so much work to do!

2011 seems to have alot of anniversaries in the name of pop culture, I found.  Some are celebrated by the property holders and the public, others are not.  Before I get to the meat of this post, let's recap:

25 Years of The Legend of Zelda, 15 years of animated flick I adored as a kid Space Jam, 10 years of animated film Shrek (which was huge and ignored this year), Xbox, Monster's Inc. from Pixar, the iPod, the 9/11 incident (sadly), Game Boy Advance; and 5 years since the launches of game platforms Playstation 3 and Wii.

Today, I wanted to talk about GameCube's 10'th anniversary, and the memories I hold of the platform and it's software.  And the reason I have to nerd out here is because I can't log into another blog where I could've talked about it.

GameCube was the first console I followed from beginning to the end of its life cycle.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This semester's been kicking my ass!

Finally!  I made the initiative, and took the night to ventilate how out-there this semester has been!

Let's talk about the work load.  I feel like I'm busier than ever before.  My four core classes are more hardcore than any I've taken before, and that's not including my online courses past.  Across the semester, I have to do five papers for world civ, map quizes, human biology lab quizes each week, and a book report for History of East Asia!  That's alot!  And it sucks.

What's interesting is that two out of the three mentioned are 101 level classes.  But they feel like they may as well be 300, like East Asia is.  The quizes themselves are harder too, no longer the simple multiple choice variety.  And writing five papers in a row (or so) has proven more difficult than I thought.  The book is really subtle, and in a show of ineptitude befitting a college slacker, puts me to sleep (or is that my fault?) 

History of East Asia notwithstanding, the professor of that class is not the best i've  ever had.  She comes from south China, so her English dialect is not the best.  I have a hard time following lectures, because I can't tell what she's saying.  This is also the semester of professors (some) who go on tangets before getting to the point, like the above professor.  And not in a way to engage us, either.

Is there some sort of conspiracy going on, where the department heads decided that these classes needed to give out more work, to step up their gasme?

And furthermore, why don't more lecutre classes engage the students in discussion?  My world civ professor does a good job at this, as does the lady behind Human Bio's lecture portion.  This is the preferred method, with its traces of Stoicism keeping you thinking and learning better.  Instead of listening and getting tripped up in your own notes.

And I have to get up each week day at 7.  At least I've done a really good job at doing so.

Post Note on the news

I don't blog enough these days, what with being busier than ever with school.  But I came in tonight to offer perspective on some big news that's happened.

Remember what happened this morning?  Those animals that what escaped from an Ohio preserve?  No, not that!  That happened yesterday.  But it's still out there on my radar.  We're talkiing about escaped lions and bears and so forth!  The law enforcement's handling of the situation is rather poor, killing the animals instead of tranquilizing them.  Last I heard, there were 20 down out of 43.  PETA will surely have a field day with getting justice for the fallen. 
In my view, there was no reason to kill them point blank.  Just because they're exotic doesn't mean it's certain they'll seek to kill civilians.  Too, it's only in a small region of eastern Ohio.  It's not like they're gonna get far, like across the border north.

The real news today was the pronouncement of Mummar Gadhafi's death.  I wasn't surprised by this, unlike back in May and the killing of Osama.  I had known since the invasion of rebels in Tripoli back in August that his time was running out.  So it was good closure to recieve the news today.  Good riddance to bad lizards.

As a post note, can you imagine if he had merely been captured, as was initially reported?  It'd be 2003 all over again, when Saddam was found in a spider hole.  And put on trial that lasted across three years...  And then a hanging in a cold, disgusting underground room.  At least Gadhafi won't be dragging out any more injustice in Lybia.  It's been a good year to wipe out evil doers!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I can't believe it!

Yea, I did skate out of blogging for the last week.  But hey, it was a busy one, and a sad one.

First, I'll just get this out there.  It's kinda disturbing.  I experienced a break-up heartbreak a few days ago.  From the very woman I fell in love with at Ottowa last year.  Balls.

I kinda saw the signs of trouble while I was there, however.  It went so well that first night, where I bought her dinner and we went to a screener.  But things slowly began to unravel at that night's party, where her school friends were.  I had a Midnight in Paris moment where I was being drowned out by the people way more important to her, and felt astray in the sea of partygoers way cooler than me.  Way for me to be esoteric! 

I was under the false impression that I'd be spending the whole weekend with her.  So, I made the classic mistake of being "clingy".  Wanting to attach myself to her heel, becuase I see couples doing this all the freaking time.  Why am I not entitled to it?

It's hard to keep a girl for me, isn't it?  This report lasted about a year.  That's pathetic, in continuation with my bad track record.

But, that's not all there is to college, is it?  Being social and having friends matters more.  When you are a confidant, others will believe in you.  It was so much easier when I first came to Edinboro, however.  You can't easily recreate that confidence when so many people are howling for your blood.

In other big news, I've been crammed with school work, yah.  Think about this: I have four tests or quizes in the next two weeks.  That's insane, and not in a funny way.  And I have to get on the ball about both a book report and a write-up for World Civ.  In fact, I have to do five of these write-ups across the semester.  As for storyboarding class, I was in an unfortunate position to cram in a reset work flow on Tuesday.

I have only one studio this semester, but I feel like I'm less busy, and yet more busy than ever.  Thanks, high level classes.  I have little free time now.  And most of it is used to sleep. 

Even work is busied up.  At least this weekend.  From Friday to Sunday, I have no less than four different shifts to cover.  Two of them, I'm subbing for friends, as a fqvor.  I'm too nice, but these extra hours will come in handy.

The current stream of tests will end on the 13'th, right before my birthday.  The last thing I want to do is get older.  So, I don't give a bloody f*ck about it.  I'll say what I've said every year since turning 20: I'd rather be dead than get older.  That's one hell of a paradox.

On that note, Happy October!

Friday, September 23, 2011

What I did for my summer vacation

In honor of the end of summer season, and today's start of the fall season, I'm projecting thoughts on my summer in long-overdue fashion.

Camp Carefree counsoling:

Camp Carefree horse camp:

The move:  After living in the same house for 16 years, a long-anticipated move to a new house finally began.  It's a nice house, too.  Sadly, it's the biggest house I've ever lived in: at three stories, including a basement.  I imagine the move went pretty good.  It gave me the chance to give up so much old crap, and start over in house care. 
Location wise, it's a few miles away from the old house, once again off of a busy road.  It also came with a kitchen we ended up remodeling anyway.  It took til the last week I was at home to get wi-fi.  Way to be on the ball.  This also brought forth the first time I've ever lived in a home with DVR and cool cable.  That's pretty sad.
My mother caused me great grief with badgering and busy work.  Lots of donations to the Salvation Army.  That wasn't bad in itself, but for many chores, this required lots of trips to various places in town.  Lots of miles, and lots of gas spent.  Being bossed around for these didn't help.  I just had to find ways to get away from it all.  That's what horse camp and Panera work were for.

lacklustre work hours:

And those are really the big guns.  Sadly, I didn't get to travel nowheres as last year's trip to Medford.  Money was low, and stressors were high.  My people skills improved marginally through interpersonal care for others.  This tells me that, next summer, I'll get a real job.

Here's something: Ottowa Animation Festival

Yep, I'm attending for the third year in a row.  It's been great so far.  Will post other things soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Years of the historic first job: Walt Disney World Resort!!

It's a day to rember somber times.  But for me, it's also become a day to remember a momentous time in my life, post-lol high school.  But yeah, I began my Career Start journey this day back iiiiin 2006.

Ready to be bored by an old man's stories?  You are! 

Me and my parent, prepped for a move in my brand new Ford Focus, by compliments of my father...  It took a 12 hour drive the day before we got to Orlando, FL.  I was super psyched!  Why not, for crying out loud?  This marked the first time I got to be independent, on my own. 

And you know why I chose to do this job, right?  I 'dood' it to stall going to Piedmont CC for a semester.  Brilliant!

I was set up at the ol' Visty Way that morning the 11'th.  This living situation is unique in that it was the only time I had actual roomates (including one in my bedroom).  Five in all, for the price of one computer between us!

It also helped that I was more optimistic about my future.  That people seemed so much more friendly didn't hurt, yes?  Of course, this segueways into talk about my actual roomates. 

Remembering 9/11

First up on my road to recovery, memories about ten years ago. 

Where was I the day that America was attacked? 

I was in 8'th grade science class, thank you.  Kiser Middle School, I remeber it was...  The day was looking to be like any other day.  Then, around (near) 9-ish(?), a secretary (maybe) was running down the hallway, and made it to our room.  She told us that something had happened, and we were prompted to turn to the news.  What we saw was utterly confusing and shocking: the north tower of the WTC was in smoke.

That's when the panic began for us students, as I recall.  We still went through the rest of class, I think.  If my memory's fuzzy, it sure isn't for the next class.  We went into English and saw (I think) the south tower getting hit.  And then we were admonished, and the tele was turned off by the ol' stick teacher (no professors in middle school!)

At lunch, shit hit the fan.  All of us were scared that we were next!  That was founded on Greensboro's oil reserves just out of town.  Unlike my sister and her high school manations at the time, we at Kiser did not get to go home early.  So all we could do was continue class with our minds elsewhere.

To be fair though, we did see a good chunk of news thereafter.  And I think that included the towers falling, and imagry of the Pentagon aflame.  It was horrible.  None of us had ever seen anything like this, nor could comprehend how it could happen to us (the country).

And we didn't find out fully that it was the act of terrorists until afternoon.  After school, I remember going to my cousin's house, with much of the nearby family there.  And it was all about following further developments of the 9/11 fiasco.

I will say, we did have a relative living in New York at the time.  Our cousin Will Blythe, to be exact.  It was to our relief that he was okay.  But I fully knew that so many had lost their lives that day.  It was unthinkable.

The other thing I remember that day was watching George W.'s adress to the nation that evening.  It was a stirring speech, I'll say.  But little did we know what was to come.

So, what came of 9/11?  Our nation found a renewed sense of patriotism, most immediently.  But there are obvious lasting effects as well.  The media was purged of WTC references and terrorism-esque content was backed off from.  Airports would be tightened like never before, made more restrictive for passengers and their relations that could no longer enter the gate.

I also remember 9/11 as marking the beginning of the slide of the economy.  Remember the record decline week just after the attacks, and the market opened back up for trade (whew)?  Well, in years since, gas prices have risen to record average highs, and the confidence of Wall Street was never the same after the financially-driven WTC fell.  I don't think it was a coincidence.

Politically, that's where the real deal began for the US.  We had the anthrax scares, and the horribly racist Patriot Act.  We saw the rise and controversy of Guantanamo Bay (see: 2004's photo contro).  America created a War on Terror, first as a drive to take out Saddam Hussein (apparantly, we pinned this on him), and Osama bin Laden (who years later took responsibility for the attacks).  And, most importantly, there was the start of the most controversial war since Vietnam back in the 70s.

And hey, my father was one of thousands who went to Iraq (and Baghdad, too).  Luckily, he was fine, going strictly for lawyering stuff (sic).  The controversy lies with how the war felt so pointless at times.  And how many lives were spent because of it.  We're searching for what now?  Weapons of mass destruction?  The real destruction was the mass of terrorists who suicide bomed themselves and blew innocents to kingdom come. 

I don't know what God they're praying to for strength.  But it sure ain't the right one.

In the last few years, we've been seeing retribution for what came of us.  Saddam was brought to justice (not that 9/11-related, but it was all good).  We got a better, Democratic President.  And he's been withdrawing troops from Iraq to the point of few if none at all.  We helped Iraq create a Democratic government (small steps at a time, right?)  And, just this past May, we snuffed out the most hunted man of the last 10 years: Osama himself.  And the news came to us in a surprise announcement I didn't believe at first.

Bottom line is, the world was changed forever by the attacks of Sept. 11'th, 2001.  My heart will always go out to those affected by the terrible day, and its lingering effects.

Hey, guess what? I failed you!

I hate to have completely blown off my blogging duties.  I can be quite gabby.  It's not for a lack of interest that I haven't.

I wanted so badly to post all the old blogs before honing in the new ones.  That code gave me a headache, for not working on me.  Today, however, I'll screw the plan and post two new entries. 

And maybe try again.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

So, 2008...

 I've finally figured out, not a moment too lazily late, how to hide great globs of text for your readability!  You'll find below a widget, that allows you to choose to read the old blogs or not.  All of them!  Happy hunting!

And now you'll know the whole story of 2008. I adopted a refugee kitten, went to SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, made more money at Panera than I have this year, went to New York for my 21'st birthday, spent a lot, and pick bones at Piedmont. The fall semester was memorable if only for how I camped out there every Thursday night.

Hey, that was the single hardest semester at that school I ever had! That's how it is when your ambitions leave you to work by yourself. I accomplished some big cartoons on my own. And I haven't had that opprotunity at Edinboro, since the competition is rightfully stiffer. I should also mention this was when the old team at Panera was starting to fall apart. New management crept in as well, including the best of them: our prior GM, Melody. And now, three years in, she's gone and replaced by another returnee manager. How awesome is that?

2008 was a helluva year, and I wish I were still in it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You might be wondering...

Why haven't I posted all month?

Well, the answer is, I've been in the middle of a move!  Not the best reason, but I've been tied to the heel of it.  I've completely moved out of my old room, but the rest of the house here is not ready to go.

I also learned how hard it is to really re-post old blogs.  Can anyone tell me how to do pull-downs for the massive wall of text?  It's too much to have the readers to scroll painfully acoss endless blog write-ups.

I'll return with winsome wisdome within a few days.  And post what I should've been posting, which is up to the minute news and muses,

In brief:  horse camp, Camp Carefree, Panera hours in general, the move, and more.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This year, 2008: Part 1

Subject : DVD talk (incomplete)
Posted Date: : Jan 3, 2008 9:24 PM
Tonight, I want to try something a little different for my old-man ramblings. I'm going to indirectly review some recent DVDs I've obtained. They happen to be animation related, me the diehard that I am.
Inspired by the Christmas present of a Disney Treasures DVD, "Donald vol. 3," I've been collecting select titles since to feel like a completist. I now have Donald's vol. 1 + 2, and complete Goofy. If you want to know what Disney Treasures are, search them on Google already, and do your research.
Oddly, not every short included is a winner. I though for sure that they could be winners given their pedigree, including Jack Hannah, Jack Kinney, and Wolfgang Reitherman. With the Donald shorts, there are great cartoons like 'Der Furher's Face', 'Trailer Mix-Up', and 'Donald's Dilemma' to name a few. They were done because lots of "cheater" cartoons involving one-note gags (unfortunately) were made.
Of the weak shorts presented, most of them lack a sense of story structure. The artists involved seem to have had trouble giving the shorts a beginning middle, and end that don't feel rushed or undeveloped. Set pieces may play to long, endings may either not happen, or feel too rushed.
As for Goofy, yeah these are funny, but not as funny as I hoped. Some of my personal favorites herein are 'Motor Mania' and 'Hockey Homicide'. The kinetic animation really helps up the level of humor presented in the Goofy cartoons, but the narration is hit-or-miss. It's all about your sense of humor, I think.
The animation is often what is really funny between the two series, and not the actual jokes. Dammit, I know they're funny, but I'm just not laughing like I should. And if none of what I just wrote registers with you, you're not part of the animator's club. There's so much more about these Disney shorts I want to say here, but won't because it's late right now. And I'm not a historian.
On a more somber note, it was a year ago to this day that I left Orlando behind. Had I stayed, I would have experienced the thrills of the Princess and Pirate Party, attended new attractions at Tomorrowland and Epcot's various pavilions, and made with the spring-time crowds. I want to return some day, I do I do.

Subject : Brief Thoughts
Posted Date: : Jan 18, 2008 11:30 AM
Some jerk has screwed with my work schedule! It's been radically retooled from where it once was. I had only asked for a change to my Thursday availability, and he went and changed everyday I go in. Come on!
I've just seen my first week back at Piedmont (crap). But I didn't go in on Thursday on account of icy highways and the perils they possess. In other classes, I'm modeling 3-D stuffs and learning to use Flash. I see lots of possibility in both, but I hate how they're filled with nerds. And Editing II proved to be incredibly useless. I must escape soon.

Subject : Many Returns
Posted Date: : Feb 24, 2008 10:52 AM
This is long overdue, but here I am with more dirt. At Panera, we've lost another teamster. Michael, who had been with it since June last year and a good friend, left in the last few weeks. It was because he couldn't take the imbecility of Jason, the new head honcho who replaced our good friend Bobby. And Jason looks like an ex-Marine, and has piercing, fierce eyes. Also joining him in this new order is Lauren. I haze both of them, as I perpetuate my trust issues. At least all of my other friends are still on board.
Too, my hours and schedules have been erratic since the semester started. I will work mids, closings, and half-days. And it varies from 12 hrs to 25 hrs listed.
And that leads to the school situation. I'm working with Maya and Flash this term. I've built a 3-D room, created characters in vector graphics, and am currently trying to put a flashy home page together. January's workload was brutal, with the animation work on top of math and a minimester of public speaking! February has cooled down a bit, though. In fact, on Valentines week, I only had one class, due to a combination of unlucky circumstances. And I dread the worst yet to come. That's the summer internship and well beyond. I don't wanna, ya can't make me!!!
This past weekend (Feb 16-18), me and Allen separately flew to Pittsburg, PA to traverse to the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The area was quaint if not minimal, with nary a Best Buy or Circuit City to be found.
Therein, it's a nice school in an environment that suits me better than muggy, gross SCAD. No offense to SCAD. The head of the (2-D) animation program named Mike Genz, who worked at WDFA for 15 years. So, he must have a lot of dirt on Disney, and possibly David Stainton, the worst animation boss in recent memory. Luckily, he's been gone for a good while.
Tonight, the 10'th Pokemon movie (The Rise of Darkrai) and the 80'th Oscars are set to compete for TV ratings. And I have to miss both (from work.) For the movie, it'll be the first Poke-prouction from dubbing group DuArt. And it's up against lofty expectations: I mean, 10 films, man!
At the Oscars, I have some hope for them. I wish they didn't have a female actress (Cameron Diaz) host the Best Animated Feature Category, that small kids don't host the Best Animated Short category, and that the animated films have clips presented for illustration. Not like last year, where they had each film's stars supposedly sit in the freaking audience. I mean, all that is insulting, condescending, and borderline racist to our favorite medium. On the Best Picture front, I pick 'Juno' as the favorite. If only because it's the only nominee that I've seen. Go fig.Finally, If 'Ratatouille' loses to 'Persepolis' tonight, it further proves that the Oscars, once belonging to big shot films like 'Titanic' and 'Forrest Gump', are slowly turning into the Independent Film Awards, evidenced by 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'Crash' among others. Bastards! And shame on Hollywood for becoming Sequel Land, USA.

Subject : Babbling Brook
Posted Date: : Mar 3, 2008 10:47 PM
Today, I attended the internship meeting, and had my eyes bugging the whole time. The notion of an unpaid internship is horrifying. Especially if it's not in the artistic, creative animation field I desire. Most of the jobs offered are for computer graphics, newspapers, TV stations(?), and (god forbid) computer game companies. No way, I'd rather go for a bit at UNCG's art dept., Out of Our Minds Animation in Winston Salem, or an Cultural Arts art gallery. Anything that I actually like. Which involves a creative, fun-loving, and super nerd-free work environment.
I have one week left of Public Speaking, so wish me luck. If you dare.
I've discovered the joys of Google Translate today. Using it on Japanese web sites, I found such hilarious phrases as "Death is fun to grow". More to come...
I want to add to my DVD talk here. I spoke then about the Goofy shorts not being funny. But now, in March, enough time has past so that I much enjoy the Goofy cartoons...from the 1950s...after all. Those cartoons deal with topics such as breaking a smoking habit, treating a cold, addiction to gambling, and raising kids; those are topics that hit home with me for their relatable qualities, still current even 50 years afterwards. I now am enticed to laugh along, but I can't feel the same about his shorts from before then (the 1940s and 30s).
Too, Richard William's Animator's Survival Guide is a wonderful book. I picked it up on Oscar night, and found it a great guide in constructing characters and further understanding weight, action, and even walk motions. It's lessons and principals helped to make my own cartoon stars and artwork improve that much.
And congratulations to Pixar on their Oscar win for 'Ratatouille'!

Subject : Disturbing News
Posted Date: : Mar 5, 2008 3:49 AM
Here's a PCC tidbit to start with. This past Monday, a student from the Film Program was expelled. And not just any expulsion, either. He made terrorist threats to PCC and Yanceyville. And when he was apprehended, he got violent with the officers he was taken by. As it turns out, this guy had a serious case of Aspergers. And a short-fuse temper to enhance the unstable condition. He had been briefly put in jail before being released. Where he is now, we don't know. But if he shows his great, ugly face around society ever again, there goes his future.
And today, I read a few unusual and disturbing news items in the paper while at Panera. It rocked me to my core. In one, a woman in Kansas had been inexplicably sitting on a toilet seat for two years! And just this week, they removed from her at last at a hospital. There couldn't be anything more disturbing than that. And what's worse is that her skin attached to and grew around the seat! Blargh!
Next, a woman in Dallas has tossed her two kids and herself off an overpass bridge onto Interstate 30 below. Thankfully her kids survived. She did too, but she's pressed with charges for attempted murder. I wonder what possesed her to do this BS. Well, there goes her marriage right off the bat.
More closer to home, a woman from High Point died in a violent car crash this week. She apparently rear-ended a trailer attached to a garbage truck. There was a picture of this in the paper to go along side, so it was really much more gruesome.
And moreso, a drunk trucker has driven his truck straight through the wall of a local bar in High Point. He had been refused more drinks one night, and so rammed his truck through the wall near the women's bathroom. He is set with multiple criminal charges. That story struck me as an absurd over-reaction to being told to leave, if you ask me.
And all of these stories came from the News & Record of Greensboro, NC. Straight from the horse's mouth.

Subject : Horton Gets a Review
Posted Date: : Mar 14, 2008 6:05 PM
So, I’ve just seen the new Blue Sky picture, ’Horton Hears a Who’. And I just had to talk about my thoughts on it. Know this, if you have not seen the movie, there are some spoilers.
Critics on Rotten Tomatoes, for one, have given the film a score of 81%, and it is certified as Fresh. I figured that made ’Horton’ the best film Blue Sky had made since ’Ice Age’.
Well, I can’t argue against the animation in the film. If you see it this weekend, you’ll agree it is the best aspect of the production. The characters, particularly Horton and the Mayor of Whoville, were full of personality and expression. The movements were hysterical in that squash & stretch way. Take good notice of the use of their hands, limbs, and eyes to get an idea of how these characters display a hand-drawn quality about them.
The production design floored me as well. The artists did a very good job of bringing the book’s lush environments to life, unwilling to sacrifice the whimsical quality of Suess. It doesn’t look like any other CGI film out there, making good of an artist’s style.
And, to my utter surprise, there was 2-D animation in the flick. The big use of it was in a hilarious anime-inspired sequence, during which I had to muffle my mouth to keep my laughter down. Speaking of sequences, the best one in the film involves Horton crossing a long, rickety bridge. The mix of dialogue, physics, and timing in this are hysterical. And the best stuff throughout is the relationship between Horton and the Mayor. The two are finely brought together based on both having a sense of paranoia, and feelings of being left out.
Then there’s the writing aspect. I do feel there were a few negatives about this screenplay. Namely, references to the iPhone, MySpace (gee, thanks), and the use of the song ’Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore’ around the end. That, and they insist on putting a few too many words in the character’s mouths at times. Oh, and some overly contemporary phrases spout out early on in the flick. But the good news is that they kept the story structure simple and easy to follow. No amount of waste went into driving the point of the film home herein.
So, ’Horton’ is not quite Pixar-level, but it is the best film Blue Sky has made since Ice Age.

Subject : Spring Break? Who cares?
Posted Date: : Mar 19, 2008 8:37 PM
Today was very trying, for what it’s worth. I had to go to PCC to finish constructing my CGI building. And to complete it took up to 9 hours! That was partly because I was troubleshooting mistakes that I made, what with textures and extrusions.
It was made worse because there was a super nerdlinger in the same room, arriving a little after I did. And he was a disgusting, toxic vermin, at that. I mean, he was not very self-aware as he continually sneezed, coughed, hacked, and belched his way out of credibility. And he was blaring his music the whole way through. Damn, he’s also not very good looking.
On the plus, I have obtained a copy of one of the greatest cartoons ever made: Bob Clampett’s 1943 short, "Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs". I had seen it in full before, back in 2006, but now I own a copy for perpetuity. At least until Warner Bros. comes to their senses and puts it on an upcoming "Looney Tunes Golden Collection" release. If you know that there was a Bob Clampett-focused disc and a fairy tale parody-focused disc, you’d see that Warners had two opportunities to give it to us. And they blew both. Shame. Well, it’s a wild, funny toon. Check it out.

Subject : Here ’s a Funny Story...
Posted Date: : Apr 3, 2008 1:29 PM
Last blog I wrote info on a lame-ass guy who belched his way into my heart >cough<. Look it up for all the details. Well, ever since we started class again (the 24’th), he has not come back. Yesterday, I found out from a little bird that he has been chucked out of PCC. He apparantly was not only unpopular, but he posted some incriminating images (read: pornographic) onto the student server. I feel I had something to do with his disappearance. When I left the room that Wednesday (at 7 PM), he tells me "Have a Good Easter". So I say to him, annoyed that I am: "It’s you who should repent! >nerd<" Ye-ouch! Well, good riddance to bad lizards.
And yesterday was the day we finally turned in our oft-delayed buildings (they were originally due the Monday we got back!) And it turns out that I got one of the best receptions for my workings. Some of the places I saw in the reel ranged from dismal to flat-out awful. Seriously, a cathedral was not lit, textured, or given a setting at all! Some people took renders from angles, but did not adjust their backgrounds to match! One had their render come out with darkened light. So, I’ve got confidence about an A herein. The next project is to build a 3-D character. Which of my stars will I choose?

Subject : New Developments as they come: Part One
Posted Date: : Apr 10, 2008 1:25 PM
I’ve just got some drirt from the horse’s mouth about the upcoming films from Pixar Animation Studios. And here, I’m going to give opinions on these new pictures. Please understand I’m not trying to bash Pixar here; I deeply respect them after all. But a voice must be heard based on my schock level.
Before that, it’s seems that Pixar’s first Digital 3-D film will actually not be 2010’s Toy Story 3. No, that honor will now be given to the 2009 Pete Doctor film, "Up". That’s something I didn’t see coming. I don’t see why any filmmakers need to resort to a gimmick that didn’t even take off in the 1950s (look at Warners and Disney for proof of this- they each did about one or two 3-D shorts between them.)
As for Toy Story 3, I’m nervous and opposed to that flick. Firstly, does the general public heard of this flick? I mean, only the press and animation fans know about it. And it seems the only reason it’s being made, like Rush Hour 3 (shudder), is because of a cheap joke occurring in the second film’s outtakes. Sheesh.
Too, I’ve just finished some Flash-based lip sync. Just like what is done on South Park. It’s 2:50 PM, and I have to leave in order to get ready for work. I’ll return to give all the dirt on upcoming films I am an impartial observer on.

Subject : Grievances
Posted Date: : Apr 15, 2008 2:08 PM
This comes from some news I just caught on to. Everyone else in the animation community will write about it, so I will too.
I have just learned that Ollie Johnston has passed away yesterday, age 95. He is the last of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men to leave us. I may not have met him, but he is best known for animating memorable scenes in films such as The Jungle Book, Bambi, and Cinderella. He has also contributed to the growth of character animation, and writer of such books as The Illusion of Life. He will be missed dearly by myself and everyone else who knew of his character and accomplishments. My condolences go out to his friends and family.

In summary: A thematic unity approaches!  In January , I got started on reviews (for a series I never took serieously in developing).  There was the first of many years worth of Oscar commentary in 2008, too.  I had the foresight to assume that Pixar would go on an Oscar rampage for the next few years.  And understood that big epic blockbusters were no longer the Oscar darling. 
I also, unfortunately, developed a voice of prejudice againts "nerdy folk".  Such was the crowd to work with in the field of computers.  The tone of this bashing got really bad in this spring semester.  I've learned to get along, so you no longer see me write wth this level of vehemency.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the year 2007

What what, everybody?
Here are all the old blog posts from 2007.  And I mean all of them.  Maybe you'll read 'em and tell me what you think?  Feedback would put perspective on what can be said for the past.

Subject : Long overdue updates
Posted Date: : Jun 15, 2007 8:31 PM
This will be my first blog since December, I believe. I had no motivation to write one on a dial-up connection. But I have one now.
Alot has changed in five months. I'm fresh from my first term at Piedmont, not a big deal. I made leaps and bounds as a cartoonist there. I've been in UNCG summer courses from May 16 to June 19: Life Drawing and Fundamentals of Drawing. Therein, I've made leaps in drawing realism, something I used to hate doing.
I had a hard time finding new work after the thrills and spills of WDW in Orlando. I applied to grocers, theatres, and restarunts. It had me shopping around dressed for the nines, with multiple applications and resumes in tow. I am now in the employ of Panera Bread, a new Panera to boot. I do enjoy the flair of class it posesses.
I look at this summer movie lineup so far, and it's been a critical bust. I won't bother with Spider Man 3, went to Pirates 3 on it's first night, and cringed during Shrek the Third. The lousy reception it recieved will be a wake-up call to producers at Dreamworks. It also vindicated that PDI cared more about the science of their films than they did the story telling.
I most hope that Ratatouille and The Simpsons Movie will more than make up for the trio of threequels. Those three have proven that the third time is not always the charm.
More to come in due course. I can't keep writing like this for long.

Subject : Weekly Update
Posted Date: : Jun 23, 2007 10:13 AM
A fresh blog from myself, rare as it is.
The first week at Panera's been slow, I'm glad it's the week-end. I work on line duty. And I'm the only personality brave enough to cavort in the dining hall, cleaning after other persons unknown. Met some fanciful girls to boot, making Panera Bread a girls club. Not many guys are keen to work at a deli, see. One of them is a dish washer, and he resembles a vampire.
We've got a particular night manager; [they're] almost as nice as an earlier one I happened upon. And I've become deathly ill through dehydration and exhaustion. I may surely collapse, lest Panera actually give sheduelled breakage.
So, I can say that Walt Disney World Resort was far more fun and organized than my new position. OK, so I was working with garbage. But what went on around me was so entertainingly distracting. And so many smiling faces, too.
Don't get the wrong idea about me. I'm not doing dirty work like this forever. Anyone still in school is going to do this sort of thing, right? And my career choice is animation, and all is can do for that now is training and internships.
Finally, I look forward to the new talking picture from Pixar next week: Ratatoolie. Cheers!
Subject : Deli Madness
Posted Date: : Jul 20, 2007 1:24 AM
It's been a veritable month since my latest work location had it's grand opening. That's Panera Bread at New Garden in Greensboro, NC for you who haven't heard of it. The first week(for one instance) there was horrible. See, we have a certain nighttime manager: she's almost as nice as one I had at Walt Disny World Resort. And worst still, I never get breaks. On one hand, I don't wanna. On the other, not doing them is hazardous to my health.
At WDW, I never had to clock in and out for a rest period. But you have to at Panera. And WDW was far more generous with breakage. I could get an average of two 15 minuet breaks and a 45-min break-wow, that is generous! But Panera only gives you one: 30 square minuets long. Ouch! To cap it all, WDW had honest-to-god break rooms. At Panera, breaks put you at risk of sitting with the public. And they don't want us sitting near them.
As for the health care thing, not doing breaks is a sure way to dry up(read: dehydrate). Duringh the first week, this was a big deal, as it led to exhaustion and nearvous collapse.
The people among me: Panera is a veritable girl's club. The majority of peerage are females around my age. That I have no issue(I did have the gaul to call my URL "Woman Trainer", after all.) I've gotten to know a veritable group of appealing girls, that dehydration is no big deal now.
Being at the likes of Panera, however, is not nearly as fun as WDW. Lunch rushes are horrible, as is dinner and closing. So demanding is the closing that one of our number lost her temper at our head honcho. She proceeded to curse her out, clock out, and get the pink slip forever. The advantages about Panera are indoor location, I can wear my own clothes, and I earn much more finances.
School begins again on Aug 20, and I don't look forward to it. Getting future finances will get harder at that time. Oh well, looking forward to 'The Simpsons Movie", Deathly Hollows, and possibly "Haispray", all in July. Am currently watching(read: rediscovering) Animaniacs and Roots on DVD, and am playing alot less games. I miss you GHS nutters terribly, and beg you to come to summer campaigners soon. Wish you'd call me at least. And for god's sakes, write a comment for a change.
P.S. I did not mention anyone's name, that I may protect their identities. Do not take this negative blog slamming Panera Bread as a message that I want out from there: I don't.

Subject : Loss of Way
Posted Date: : Aug 21, 2007 8:59 PM
It's the school year again, and I couldn't be unhappier. Back at PCC, I now go in on not two, but four days o' lessons. And on top o' that, there's a horrible gaggle of rotting nerds lingering in the DEAT building. Persons that I liked are now gone from sight, as rare as a pheonix feather. This makes PCC alot less amusing. I really wanted to go to a prestige animation location, CalArts specifically. Not this place 40 miles away, and full o' hideous genetic mutations (nerds.)
It'll get worse before it gets better. I wish I was back at WDW. It's so much more fun at WDW. Better yet, I can go back by the new year for a visitation, with ye olde tyme friends, and careful planning.

Subject : Missing U Like Candy
Posted Date: : Sep 11, 2007 2:36 AM
Well sir, it's been a year since my incredible journey in Orlando and WDW Resort. And I really wish I were back there, with things just the way they were. I miss everyone, everywhere, and every minute. You can't take that away from me. I wanna see the Orlando posse I attached to. Later, I'll go into detail on why I so prefer to be back again.

Subject : A long ramble
Posted Date: : Nov 26, 2007 3:30 AM
A lot 'as changed in the last few months, so I'll present some to you, the listener, in a short-handed way.
Most of the original team at Panera is now gone. It feels like only three of them remain, including me. And it's no longer the girl's club it used to be. Drag. I have come to really hate psychology, and the method in which it steals all of my free time away. I am so useful to Panera, they make me come in twice on Fridays and every other Sunday. It IS the way to make excessive dough these days, more than I made at WDW in a week, no less.
I hate Piedmont as well, as it's full of sad nerds who lie about their dating lives, who feel it nesscesary to embarrass themselves, and fail to turn any work in. I don't fall into that camp, though. I'm the kind who laughs at this lameness, as it's totally lame. I've completed an awesome 2-D animation, hand-drawn, and on tracing paper no less. I wanna post it on this site soon, for you to see. Internet Web Design class is the most worthless class I've taken at Piedmont so far, because we never learn anything.
I was an attendee to a line at Curcuit City this past Black Friday, and waltzed out with four $7 2 Gig SD cards and 'South Park' Season 10 (at $20), like no one's business.
I'm 20 years old, and dread getting older. No beer or smokes for me, thank u. Coming to u live.

Subject : Let Us Have a Toast, on Christmas Eve.
Posted Date: : Dec 24, 2007 10:16 AM
It feels as though someone has died. In the last few days, my Panera manager from day one, Bobby, was fired for not making some "deposits." Dammit, a person who replaces him will not be the same. Robert had the power to make us laugh and to make us cry. Likewise, New Garden Panera is not quite the girls club we used to be. And not many first-geners are left, me included.
That's not the only jig going down. At this point, I really hate PCC. It's not the right place for an aspiring animator like me to learn the craft. Because making an internet website has nothing to do with animation! And then there are a clutch of overweight, whiny, lame nerds that need to be eradicated. Can you imaging a Salem Nerd Hunt, a'la the Salem Witch Hunt? Persecute 'em that way. Sorry, I just got political here.

In summary:   I didn't post a blog over 6 months?  What gave you the idea that I forgot?  The first half of 2007 presented me with a perfect oasis of slothful ease and relaxation.  I don't put it to words here, but at
Piedmont in the first semester, I only went to classes two days per week.  And I didn't have a job then.  Until the summer!  Panera Bread and PCC are focal points of this year's blogs.  It also marked the first time I was miserable about getting older.  So sue me on that point. 

The writing has gotten better, but it's still not matured.  Hence, the obnoxious, juvie language peppered throughout.

The first wave: Aug - Dec 2006

Remember, the initial verve of this blog is to re-post and, shall we say, preserve, my old, dusty blogs from ye dead MySpace.  They retain their original edits, including their titles and when they were published.  They preserve a vision of a writing style trying to find a voice.  And this voice is a fascimile of how other teens supposedly blog.  All in the name of connecting with an audience that never was there.  Enjoy!

Subject : What I did this weekend, any weekend.
Posted Date: : Aug 27, 2006 11:03 PM
Well, for the young people, GHS just started classes. Frankly, I feel sorry for the new freshmen. They will face 4 years of increased security at GHS. Hell, when I and others started in 2002, security was more lax, meaning you could go into more places around campus.
On the other flipside, my other friends my age hadd just started college on Monday. I feel sorry and lazy that I put off school for a while. But c'mon: I get to go to Orlando!!! And Yanceyville is too small a town for my tastes. I wish everyone the best, until I call again to pass on what I'm doing in Orlando.
This past Friday, I went to the first legit football game at GHS, and it was not a good omen. The only real agreeable woman there was Jet Leigh, so that was a plus. But I really just went to latch onto women like Dare and Lucy. I was saying trash like "I'd say she's worth at least a cool billion!"(Lucy) Since Dare left too early, the only one I could suck up to was Lucy. The men there got pissed off at seeing me there, saying I should get out of town. Ouch. I wish I could've gone with YL to Windy Gap. But I'm too old, so instead I went to:
'Snakes on a Plane'! I don't think other people my age from the UNC crowd have seen it, but it was a blast to watch. I have not seen a lot of horror films, so this one went beyond what I was used to. It seemed like a satire on the typical Hollywood suspense film, as it was camp and all. I got some hearty thrills and laughs from the talking picture, what with the grisly nature of the story. Go see it if you haven't: you'll have a blast.
Then, later the next day, I picked up the newest Simpsons season on DVD. Now for me, each new set is like a mini-event. Just as The Simpsons is so heralded. And the best part was, it only cost $20 beans! So I watch this, and see alot of new shows I never did before, or just not for a long time. Highlights include Rodney Dangerfield's performance in a show as Burnses' son, Albert Brooks, and alot of classic dialogue. Meh, I just finished the set, and wait for future sets. Don't the young people get the Simpsons DVDs?
I'm getting my first car from pops on the 9'th: a Silver Ford Focus. Yeah, I wanted a Yaris, but nobody knows of them.
Well, I hope to post more once I arrive in Orlando on 9/11. I implore you to post comments on what I mentioned. Particularly the ex-GHS people. Chao for now.

Subject : Rarrin' 2 go 2 Floida
Posted Date: : Sep 8, 2006 10:38 PM
The past few weeks have been a bang. Pokemon: Battle Frontier premiered tonight at 8:30, the first season of the venerable anime without 4Kids doing the dubbing. Taj, who did, had a mixed bag with their first episode proper. The voice cast, last heard in the Mastermind re-dub, seemed to be a bit awkward in this. My least favorite voice is Meowths, coming nowhere close to Maddie Blaustine's track record. I will stay tuned however; these guys will improve at their craft. But it won't be the same without our original voice cast. Hell, is it safe to discuss Pokemon with the typical myspace crowd?
In real life, I've been going aroud town to get ready for Orlando. And tomorrow I get my first car: a Ford Focus. Yeah, so it's a Focus and not a big shot car. I wanted a Yaris from Toyota, but no one sells them yet b/c they are so new. I pick the thing up in Raleigh. And I can thank my father for the car.
My parent has been to much of a bother for weeks now. She bitches at me just for being happy. She doesn't know me too well, because I do have more common sense than she gives me credit for. So being in Orlando for 4 months will be swell, everybody all neat and pretty.
Speaking of Myspace, I'm tired of getting group requests for burlesque and pornogrphic material. Not only is it wrong, but also full of offensive hidden costs. It's horrible and sad the way sites like Steamate objectify girls. Stop sending those requests, for the love of God!
To all of you ex-GHS kids, I'm not gonna be back for those 4 months. Being away from you will be grossly offensive. Has college destroyed your souls yet? I'm going to school when I come back, a bit richer and stronger.
Watch Pokemon: Battle Frontier. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Subject : Disney Update with ALEX IR
Posted Date: : Sep 19, 2006 9:04 PM
It's been a week since I got hooked up at Vista Way in Orlando, Fl. I've met lots of hot new kids my age, including roomates and apt. mates, co-workers, and boss men. I've also met someone special with whom I spend all of my evenings with. And with whom I have alot in common.
Speaking of work, it's getting more and more exhausting. I'm predestined to work many evening shifts, which destroy the soul. Disney World's Magic Kingdom is slow after closing time. So yeah, I'm working atthe rare, pricey magic kingdom. It was a blast early on, but I concern over my stress level. I will make sure that won't happen.
I want to say more, but an experience like this is emotional and spiritual. You really have to be there to have that feeling of awe and wonder. I'm licked, so I'm gone.

Subject : Almost time for that holiday rush!
Posted Date: : Dec 19, 2006 10:39 AM
I'm almost at the end of my Program tenure, returning on Jan. 3. To all that I haven't called, sorry. To all I haven't written to, sorry to you too.
I had my fling with Teresa for two months and it was a remarkable time. She left me 'cause she said I'm "clinging" Other than that, I need a new woman, and while it's better off than at Grimsley, I just give up.
The Walt Disney World Resort is a blast! I'm blessed to work at Main Street, USA at Magic Kingdom. It is the E-Ticket of the resort, and Magic Kingdom is the alpha omega. It gets busy now and then, particularly next week, but I keep it under control. I love what I do because I'm as entertained as the guests are. Alot of others working here don't so much, but I keep going the distance.
I've been known to be a real support to the team, known for an unstoppable smile and strong work ethic. Often, I'm doing work in an area all by myself, and well. Two, you at home would've loved to see what I have. I will sing along to whatever songs are around often because it's my only entertainment. And I'm like that anyway.
I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. That's my feeling in life, it seems. I really enjoyed the experiance, learning about the grown world and myself. True, some roomates of mine are obnoxious, but that's another blog. One day, you'll either call me, or I you to regale you with my stories of these 4 months. Reply to this, Grimsley guys. I miss all.

In conclusion, I ended up deamonizing some peers of that present while romanticizing those of the recent past.  Walt Disney World Resort was a major focus, so much so that I only posted 2 blogs while down there.  The rest is all small talk over trends and frivolities.  It reads so unprofessional nowadays, with little of structured or focused writing.  Thank god blogging has matured byond the 'OMG LOL Cat' generation!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to my blog? More like, Hellcome!

I'm refreshed and ready to blog again.  I'm now in the process of freeing myself from the death-knealt Myspace.  For that is where this following style of blogging began with me, five years ago.  The subject for today is installing my olden blog posts onto this new one. 

Why? Not merely to spam and hack it.  I wanted to preserve all those whack-a-doo stories should MySpace ever truely go away.  And everything I wrote on it with it.  I enjoy writing after all.  So this shouldn't be too difficult.

Here's the deal, first off.  I'll minimize the amount of excess postings by ganging old blogs together into one.  They will reappear in chronological order.  Then I will resume your regularly schedueled blogs.  They will appear raw and unedited (prehaps not, though). 

That took longer to write that than to just write a new blog.

I hope you enjoy it.  Commence!