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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post Note on the news

I don't blog enough these days, what with being busier than ever with school.  But I came in tonight to offer perspective on some big news that's happened.

Remember what happened this morning?  Those animals that what escaped from an Ohio preserve?  No, not that!  That happened yesterday.  But it's still out there on my radar.  We're talkiing about escaped lions and bears and so forth!  The law enforcement's handling of the situation is rather poor, killing the animals instead of tranquilizing them.  Last I heard, there were 20 down out of 43.  PETA will surely have a field day with getting justice for the fallen. 
In my view, there was no reason to kill them point blank.  Just because they're exotic doesn't mean it's certain they'll seek to kill civilians.  Too, it's only in a small region of eastern Ohio.  It's not like they're gonna get far, like across the border north.

The real news today was the pronouncement of Mummar Gadhafi's death.  I wasn't surprised by this, unlike back in May and the killing of Osama.  I had known since the invasion of rebels in Tripoli back in August that his time was running out.  So it was good closure to recieve the news today.  Good riddance to bad lizards.

As a post note, can you imagine if he had merely been captured, as was initially reported?  It'd be 2003 all over again, when Saddam was found in a spider hole.  And put on trial that lasted across three years...  And then a hanging in a cold, disgusting underground room.  At least Gadhafi won't be dragging out any more injustice in Lybia.  It's been a good year to wipe out evil doers!

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