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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I can't believe it!

Yea, I did skate out of blogging for the last week.  But hey, it was a busy one, and a sad one.

First, I'll just get this out there.  It's kinda disturbing.  I experienced a break-up heartbreak a few days ago.  From the very woman I fell in love with at Ottowa last year.  Balls.

I kinda saw the signs of trouble while I was there, however.  It went so well that first night, where I bought her dinner and we went to a screener.  But things slowly began to unravel at that night's party, where her school friends were.  I had a Midnight in Paris moment where I was being drowned out by the people way more important to her, and felt astray in the sea of partygoers way cooler than me.  Way for me to be esoteric! 

I was under the false impression that I'd be spending the whole weekend with her.  So, I made the classic mistake of being "clingy".  Wanting to attach myself to her heel, becuase I see couples doing this all the freaking time.  Why am I not entitled to it?

It's hard to keep a girl for me, isn't it?  This report lasted about a year.  That's pathetic, in continuation with my bad track record.

But, that's not all there is to college, is it?  Being social and having friends matters more.  When you are a confidant, others will believe in you.  It was so much easier when I first came to Edinboro, however.  You can't easily recreate that confidence when so many people are howling for your blood.

In other big news, I've been crammed with school work, yah.  Think about this: I have four tests or quizes in the next two weeks.  That's insane, and not in a funny way.  And I have to get on the ball about both a book report and a write-up for World Civ.  In fact, I have to do five of these write-ups across the semester.  As for storyboarding class, I was in an unfortunate position to cram in a reset work flow on Tuesday.

I have only one studio this semester, but I feel like I'm less busy, and yet more busy than ever.  Thanks, high level classes.  I have little free time now.  And most of it is used to sleep. 

Even work is busied up.  At least this weekend.  From Friday to Sunday, I have no less than four different shifts to cover.  Two of them, I'm subbing for friends, as a fqvor.  I'm too nice, but these extra hours will come in handy.

The current stream of tests will end on the 13'th, right before my birthday.  The last thing I want to do is get older.  So, I don't give a bloody f*ck about it.  I'll say what I've said every year since turning 20: I'd rather be dead than get older.  That's one hell of a paradox.

On that note, Happy October!

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