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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This semester's been kicking my ass!

Finally!  I made the initiative, and took the night to ventilate how out-there this semester has been!

Let's talk about the work load.  I feel like I'm busier than ever before.  My four core classes are more hardcore than any I've taken before, and that's not including my online courses past.  Across the semester, I have to do five papers for world civ, map quizes, human biology lab quizes each week, and a book report for History of East Asia!  That's alot!  And it sucks.

What's interesting is that two out of the three mentioned are 101 level classes.  But they feel like they may as well be 300, like East Asia is.  The quizes themselves are harder too, no longer the simple multiple choice variety.  And writing five papers in a row (or so) has proven more difficult than I thought.  The book is really subtle, and in a show of ineptitude befitting a college slacker, puts me to sleep (or is that my fault?) 

History of East Asia notwithstanding, the professor of that class is not the best i've  ever had.  She comes from south China, so her English dialect is not the best.  I have a hard time following lectures, because I can't tell what she's saying.  This is also the semester of professors (some) who go on tangets before getting to the point, like the above professor.  And not in a way to engage us, either.

Is there some sort of conspiracy going on, where the department heads decided that these classes needed to give out more work, to step up their gasme?

And furthermore, why don't more lecutre classes engage the students in discussion?  My world civ professor does a good job at this, as does the lady behind Human Bio's lecture portion.  This is the preferred method, with its traces of Stoicism keeping you thinking and learning better.  Instead of listening and getting tripped up in your own notes.

And I have to get up each week day at 7.  At least I've done a really good job at doing so.

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