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Friday, September 23, 2011

What I did for my summer vacation

In honor of the end of summer season, and today's start of the fall season, I'm projecting thoughts on my summer in long-overdue fashion.

Camp Carefree counsoling:

Camp Carefree horse camp:

The move:  After living in the same house for 16 years, a long-anticipated move to a new house finally began.  It's a nice house, too.  Sadly, it's the biggest house I've ever lived in: at three stories, including a basement.  I imagine the move went pretty good.  It gave me the chance to give up so much old crap, and start over in house care. 
Location wise, it's a few miles away from the old house, once again off of a busy road.  It also came with a kitchen we ended up remodeling anyway.  It took til the last week I was at home to get wi-fi.  Way to be on the ball.  This also brought forth the first time I've ever lived in a home with DVR and cool cable.  That's pretty sad.
My mother caused me great grief with badgering and busy work.  Lots of donations to the Salvation Army.  That wasn't bad in itself, but for many chores, this required lots of trips to various places in town.  Lots of miles, and lots of gas spent.  Being bossed around for these didn't help.  I just had to find ways to get away from it all.  That's what horse camp and Panera work were for.

lacklustre work hours:

And those are really the big guns.  Sadly, I didn't get to travel nowheres as last year's trip to Medford.  Money was low, and stressors were high.  My people skills improved marginally through interpersonal care for others.  This tells me that, next summer, I'll get a real job.

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