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Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Years of the historic first job: Walt Disney World Resort!!

It's a day to rember somber times.  But for me, it's also become a day to remember a momentous time in my life, post-lol high school.  But yeah, I began my Career Start journey this day back iiiiin 2006.

Ready to be bored by an old man's stories?  You are! 

Me and my parent, prepped for a move in my brand new Ford Focus, by compliments of my father...  It took a 12 hour drive the day before we got to Orlando, FL.  I was super psyched!  Why not, for crying out loud?  This marked the first time I got to be independent, on my own. 

And you know why I chose to do this job, right?  I 'dood' it to stall going to Piedmont CC for a semester.  Brilliant!

I was set up at the ol' Visty Way that morning the 11'th.  This living situation is unique in that it was the only time I had actual roomates (including one in my bedroom).  Five in all, for the price of one computer between us!

It also helped that I was more optimistic about my future.  That people seemed so much more friendly didn't hurt, yes?  Of course, this segueways into talk about my actual roomates. 

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