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Saturday, July 30, 2011

So, 2008...

 I've finally figured out, not a moment too lazily late, how to hide great globs of text for your readability!  You'll find below a widget, that allows you to choose to read the old blogs or not.  All of them!  Happy hunting!

And now you'll know the whole story of 2008. I adopted a refugee kitten, went to SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, made more money at Panera than I have this year, went to New York for my 21'st birthday, spent a lot, and pick bones at Piedmont. The fall semester was memorable if only for how I camped out there every Thursday night.

Hey, that was the single hardest semester at that school I ever had! That's how it is when your ambitions leave you to work by yourself. I accomplished some big cartoons on my own. And I haven't had that opprotunity at Edinboro, since the competition is rightfully stiffer. I should also mention this was when the old team at Panera was starting to fall apart. New management crept in as well, including the best of them: our prior GM, Melody. And now, three years in, she's gone and replaced by another returnee manager. How awesome is that?

2008 was a helluva year, and I wish I were still in it.

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