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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You might be wondering...

Why haven't I posted all month?

Well, the answer is, I've been in the middle of a move!  Not the best reason, but I've been tied to the heel of it.  I've completely moved out of my old room, but the rest of the house here is not ready to go.

I also learned how hard it is to really re-post old blogs.  Can anyone tell me how to do pull-downs for the massive wall of text?  It's too much to have the readers to scroll painfully acoss endless blog write-ups.

I'll return with winsome wisdome within a few days.  And post what I should've been posting, which is up to the minute news and muses,

In brief:  horse camp, Camp Carefree, Panera hours in general, the move, and more.

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