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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to my blog? More like, Hellcome!

I'm refreshed and ready to blog again.  I'm now in the process of freeing myself from the death-knealt Myspace.  For that is where this following style of blogging began with me, five years ago.  The subject for today is installing my olden blog posts onto this new one. 

Why? Not merely to spam and hack it.  I wanted to preserve all those whack-a-doo stories should MySpace ever truely go away.  And everything I wrote on it with it.  I enjoy writing after all.  So this shouldn't be too difficult.

Here's the deal, first off.  I'll minimize the amount of excess postings by ganging old blogs together into one.  They will reappear in chronological order.  Then I will resume your regularly schedueled blogs.  They will appear raw and unedited (prehaps not, though). 

That took longer to write that than to just write a new blog.

I hope you enjoy it.  Commence!

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